About Us

Robust, a division of Kerapura Products Pvt. Ltd. is placed in Kerala, a land famed for its tropical opulence and quintessential beauty. Majestically crowned coconut palms line the languid coastlines of Keralam, India’s coconut capital. These coconut frilled seashores produce some of the finest, most sought-after drupes in the world. But for billions of coconut oil users and millions of coconut planters across the globe, this blessing is yet to be harnessed to its true potential. Our guiding intention is to support coconut planters and become the leading coconut oil manufacturer in Kerala.

A product from a land so glorious should only be of the purest form and standard – a promise we intend to keep. We are committed to keeping the health benefits of coconut oil intact – 100% true to its roots, 100% healthy and 100% pure. The Kalpa Vriksham of God’s Own Country deserves nothing less. We would not be satisfied selling a substance that merely looks and tastes like oil. Robust will soon be THE coconut oil of Kerala.


We foresee Kerala draw from its golden resource of the healing and nutritious coconut fruit, however overlooked and underrated it is at present. We hope to own a grand stake in the world market and stamp our identity at the top. And thereby we also intend to see other coconut yielding regions in India reap fruit from its plentiful reserve of coconuts.


We are committed to deliver products that bring out the richness of coconut with its purity intact. It is also in our agenda to give coconut planters in Kerala, the needed encouragement, sense of organization and purpose to nourish the resources that they have been blessed with. This includes significant schemes, both economically and morally empowering to secure them.